Our Mission…


A leading polytechnic college in tourism and food sectors in the region.


Developing empowered graduates instilled with academic and technological knowledge and skills, social responsiveness, and zeal to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Core Values

L- Leadership integrity (Striving to be on top without sacrificing the right values)

G- Growth in teamwork (Seeking for inclusive growth and not exclusive of one another)

P- Passion for excellence (Relentless efforts to achieve the foremost and be recognized)

C- Commitment to service (All acts come together in the service of the people)

Quality Policy Statement

Our satisfaction is the satisfaction of the customers we serve.


Goal 1: Develop high quality TVET graduates

1.1. To enhance the institution’s absorptive capacity and the quality of its TVET programs

1.2. To enhance the capabilities of learning facilitators

1.3. To upgrade and maintain the institution’s training infrastructure

1.4. To pursue accreditation of program offerings

Goal 2: Build a vibrant and sustainable organization

2.1 To ensure effective and efficient institutional performance

2.2 To institutionalize Green technology

2.3 To sustain positive institutional image

2.4 To enhance linkages and partnerships for various purposes

About us

Leon Ganzon Polytechnic College is one of the four TESDA Administered Schools (TAS) in Region VI.

Contact Info

  Address:Maya, Balasan, Iloilo, Philippines, 5018

  Telephone: (033) 397-09-15
  Telefax: (033) 397-11-08

  Email: lgpc@tesda.gov.ph
  Facebook: /tesdalgpc

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